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I Found My Issue!

It's not often a young pundit can find fresh new ground to cover. Hundreds of more established personalities battle over the low hanging fruit. Taxes, terrorism, global warming, gay marriage, education... It's all been done to death. The big boys... Read More

Capitalist Tool

Michael Moore is upset. His movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" got hit with an R rating by the MPAA. Moore wants a PG-13. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. The more restrictive R rating can cost a movie millions in potential... Read More

Hi-Stakes Reality TV

The Apprentice is one of the hottest shows on TV. Sixteen contestants compete for a chance at a six-figure job within Donald Trump's organization. Each week, two teams compete fiercely to outperform the other at an assigned task. Someone... Read More

Do South Park Republicans Exist?

A while back, I penned an article on South Park Republicans. Some influential pundits chimed in on the concept, including Andrew Sullivan who first coined the phrase.   Recently others joined in the discussion of this newly identified amorphous voting... Read More

Unhatched Chickens

Securities and Exchange Commission chief William Donaldson recently put his clout against the President who appointed him and behind the burgeoning movement to require expensing of stock options. At a recent speech he gave in Washington, Donaldson was asked,... Read More

Triple Threat

"The triple bottom line (TBL) focuses corporations not just on the economic value they add, but also on the environmental and social value they add -- and destroy. At its narrowest, the term 'triple bottom line' is used as a... Read More

Smarter, Harder Patriot

The Patriot Act gave the government sweeping authority to gather intelligence on American citizens and imprison them for long periods without due process. Ever since the law was passed, libertarians and liberals have been decrying the government's newfound ability Read More

Paul Krugman, Meet Jayson Blair

My only reluctance to giving Paul Krugman the Fisking he so richly deserves is that I hate to give the guy free publicity. Worse still, I might encourage Krugman imitators. Remember, people line up to make fools of themselves... Read More

Mr. Deeds Goes to Wall Street

Hollywood just does not understand Wall Street. If some movie stars have their way, neither will anybody else. Consider Adam Sandler's tirade against corporate wealth, "Mr. Deeds." The film rehashed one of the oldest themes in Hollywood. When a... Read More

Urban Elephants

What the heck is a Republican, anyway? Many would answer that it is the party that represents half of the mainstream voters, ranging from conservative to centrist in their ideology. Of course that begs the question, what the heck does... Read More

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