Articles by Steve Haynes

Treatment from Boston to Beijing

Picking and playing favourites when it comes to the devastating effects of global epidemics is foolhardy, yet it is interesting to note the amount of medical and media attention given in recent times to bird flu (and to whether... Read More

Happy Birthday IP

Intellectual property in Australia has just celebrated an important birthday: the centenary of "IP Australia". IP Australia was first established in 1904 as the Australian Patent Office, to administer Australia's patent law. Few countries have formally defended the Read More

Patent Absurdities

Treating disease in resource poor countries is a complex and disturbing problem. Usually, debate about the issue centres on the patent life of medicines, with the pharmaceutical industry characterised as the bete noir. A more rational analysis of the... Read More

Well at Breakfast, Dead by Dinner

Sue-Anne Sanig is one of those special people that from time to time you have the privilege to meet in life. At our first meeting she recounted in a controlled but sensitive way how her son Stephen was perfectly... Read More

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