Articles by Steven L. Taylor

Madmen or M.A.D. Logic?

There are two fundamental questions that are of consequence as we seek to deal with Iran's drive for nuclear weapons. The first is generic: Is it possible, short of significant military action, to stop a sufficiently economically advanced country from... Read More

Campaign Finance Deform

Back in the 1970s Congress had an idea, and like many ideas from the 1970s, it wasn't a particularly good one. Sure it sounded nice, but it was fraught with complications and unintended consequences. Worst of all the idea... Read More

What's an Insurgent? What's a Terrorist?

As a student of Latin American politics, the word "insurgency" brings to mind myriad images and groups, from the iconic Ché Guevara and his beret to numerous Marxist guerrilla groups that operated in the region during the Cold War.... Read More

Switzerland in the Desert?

With the official transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi government on the horizon a monumental new challenge will soon begin: the drafting of a permanent constitution for a democratic government. Chief amongst the difficulties is the oft-cited problem of... Read More

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