Articles by Steven Malanga

Ugly Tax Bill Is Washington As Usual

Americans may have voted for change in November, but for now it is business as usual in Washington. Just take a look at the messy tax legislation that is working its way through Congress under the euphemism of a 'tax-extenders' bill. Read More

The 'Build America' Debt Bomb

In a poll taken before the election, half of the respondents said that members of Congress who supported the '09 stimulus didn't deserve to be re-elected. Many weren't. Yet the lame-duck Congress might extend one of the key elements of that stimulus: "Build America Read More

With Tax Hikes, Look For the Union Label

As membership in public sector unions surpassed private sector union enrollment for the first time, the event signified deeper changes in labor in America. The new labor movement, dominated by government workers, is an increasingly white-collar interest group, cult Read More

The Real Debacle At Ground Zero

Plans to build a Muslim community center near the site of the former World Trade Centers have stoked a nationwide controversy. But the storm that the mosque plans have generated obscures the real failings at the site. Read More

How Much Debt Is Too Much for Voters?

Recently two different polling firms separately asked voters in California and New York how their state governments should solve their current budget problems: through tax increases, spending cuts, or a combination of both. Neither poll gave voters another choice: Read More

Health Reform and the Conspiracy Against Taxpayers

Last week's cynical deal between the Obama administration and organized labor to exempt unionized workers from the so-called Cadillac health plan tax was portrayed as a victory for organized labor. In truth, the deal was a gift to public-sector unions... Read More

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