Articles by Sydney Smith

'There Was a Desperation There'

Of all the details of the recent kidnapping and murder in Missouri, perhaps the most pathetic was the image of the murderer, Lisa Montgomery, holding a sweater-swaddled puppy as if it were an infant. The photo captures precisely the... Read More

Beasts of Burden

It could never happen here. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, slavery, segregation, these are moral failings of lesser cultures. While we in the West may have once indulged in such behavior, we've evolved beyond such things. We're too civilized, too enlightened... Read More

Presidential Head Games

Medical innuendoes are starting to fly in the Presidential campaign. Rumors about George Bush's drug abusing past are circulating again, and former Dukakis aide, Susan Estrich suggested in a syndicated column that Bush is unfit for office because he's... Read More

Petri Politics

The stem cell debate recently took its place in Presidential campaign politics. Senators Kerry and Edwards mounted a full frontal assault, accusing the current Administration (apparently without irony) of playing politics with science. Politics and stem cell scien Read More

My Asbestos Patients

Asbestos has had a troubled history. A natural, fibrous blend of iron and magnesium, it's been recognized since the Stone Age for its strength, wearability, and heat resistance. It became an essential material for the construction, auto, and ship-building... Read More

Kerry's Saving Grace

John Kerry knows what's important. It isn't vigilance against terrorism, or education, or foreign policy, or the economy. It's healthcare. Earlier this month Kerry told New York Times reporter Louis Uchitelle that healthcare would be the number one priority... Read More

First Do No Harm - Even to Trial Lawyers

The heart knows its own bitterness, and right now the bitterness in the hearts of many doctors is turning their grievances with the American Trial Lawyers Association into one that is very personal. A nurse in Arizona lost her... Read More

Beyond Precaution

A 53 year old man recently sued the estate of deceased diet guru Dr. Robert Atkins. His grievance? He has coronary artery disease. The crux of his case is that his cholesterol went from 146 to 230 within two... Read More

Second Hand Joke

Smoking is a filthy habit. It causes bad breath. It stains the fingers and the teeth. It rots the lungs and it takes the breath away. Spend a day in any doctor's office and you can quickly spot the... Read More

Sweet Banquet of the Mind Turns Sour

Increasingly it seems that we have completely lost the art of that "sweet banquet of the mind" --polite discourse. Too often too many of us can couch no disagreement without resorting to name calling and temper tantrums. An art... Read More

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