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Avoiding Losership

"Fight this war right or get out." This warning sent by the mother of one of the 16 Ohio-based marines killed in August summarizes the alternatives facing the Bush administration. Popular support for the war is fading. Casualties are... Read More

De Villepin's War

"Since my nomination, I have been in a merciless fight against unemployment, which is THE evil of our country. But this evil is not irreparable if jobs we look for jobs where they can be found. That is why,... Read More

The Poverty Trap

Revered so much by President Jacques Chirac and most of France's political class, the French welfare system is considered by many to be a model for preserving the European social cohesion. Yet among its numerous flaws is one rarely talked... Read More

The Day After

Non! Some 56 percent of French electors have rejected the European Constitutional Treaty. This is perhaps the most important of Jacques Chirac's failures, and surely the most disastrous in its consequences. France now faces a crisis on two levels. One... Read More

Equality or Freedom

No matter which side prevails in this Sunday's French referendum on the EU constitutional treaty, the result will be the same: a victory for collectivism. This, of course, means that both sides have the same aim but not the same... Read More

Profit or Loss?

First it killed the much-needed Bolkestein directive on liberalization of services to preserve its own domination of this market. Then it shot down EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson's proposal to grant to preferential tariffs Asian countries hit by the tsunami. Read More

French People Do Get Fat

"Acting against the obesity epidemic." This is the dubious title of a bill presented by French socialist MPs to the French National Assembly under the leadership of Jean-Marie Le Guen. Two nonsensical notions can be detected immediately, without even reading... Read More

Little USSR

Just like big cities often have their own peculiar neighborhoods -- Little Italy, Chinatown, Greek Town, etc. -- the EU has its own Little USSR. It's called France. In my country, anti-free-trade policies are up front and collectivist dogma is... Read More

A Collective Mistake

"India has an unmatched place in providing affordable medicines to the poorest," French President Chirac recently told Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Chirac proceeded to tell the Indian leader how concerned he was that India recently amended its 1970 Patent. Read More

TCS EU Summit Coverage: The Paris Agenda

"Economic liberalism would be as disastrous as communism," stated French President Jacques Chirac in lashing out against the EU's so-called Bolkestein directive (named for Frits Bolkestein, the Dutch commissioner who authored it), which would guarantee the free mov Read More

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