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Your Chance to Help African AIDS Orphans

Click here to view photo essay. WASHINGTON - This month TCS host James K. Glassman and colleague Eric Bovim joined United States Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson on his official visit to Africa to witness the deva Read More

Milton Friedman and Many Others on the Consequences of Price Controls

Editor's note: What follows is an open letter to the United States Congress.   We are deeply concerned about proposed legislation to remove pharmaceutical companies' ability to control the importation of their products. The goal of this legislation will be... Read More

"I Planned to Attend, But I Now Cannot..."

Editor's note: This week the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based think tank where TCS host James K. Glassman is a fellow, is holding a symposium on climate change issues called "Return to Rio: Reexamining Climate Change Science, Economics and Policy." Read More

Future Shock: Contingency Plan for an Oil Crunch

Editor's Note: As the United States continues its military campaign in Afghanistan and hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians escalate, tensions in the Middle East and Central Asia remains high. All of the activity and uncertainty could affect the flow... Read More

The Environment:Getting Better, Not Worse

AEI-Brookings Joint Center For Regulatory Study Event on Oct. 3, 2001, with Professor Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist Moderator: James Glassman of Tech Central Station Panelists: David Sandelow of the World Wildlife Fund and Alan Hammond of Read More

The Environment:Getting Better, Not Worse

Thank you very much. [audience applause] Glassman: Thank you, Bjorn Lomborg. And David Sandelow, executive vice president of the World Wildlife Fund. Sandelow: Thanks, Bjorn. ... I want to start by saying that there`s lots I agree with in... Read More

F-22 Go Ahead Puts Fighters' Best Foot Forward

Faced with several options on how to modernize the nation's aging complement of fighters, the Pentagon on Aug. 15 put its best foot forward, moving into production the stealthy F-22, the fighter most critical for the wars of the future.... Read More

Allies Already Deep into Missile Defense Research and Testing

Is the American drive for missile defense a go-it-alone symbol of the world's only superpower? No, and it hasn't been that way for some time. With all the international cooperation in this arena, the U.S. gets by with more... Read More

Missile Defense Test Success: Worldwide Reaction and Round Up

Thank You President Bush The Daily Telegraph (U.K.), July 16, 2001 Missile-defence test buoys U.S. President The Globe and Mail (Toronto, CA), July 16, 2001 Amid Applause, Caution Urged on Missile Defense New York Times, July 16, 2001... Read More

A Well-Deserved Earth Day Toast

Raise a glass for the Earth! Festivities hailing the 31st Earth Day will fade too soon from our memories. But the Pacific Research Institute gives everyone something important to remember about our environment. Its annual Index of Leading Environmental... Read More

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