Articles by Ted Balaker

Why Bush Is Right to Resist Raising the Gas Tax

To many, George W. Bush is a dimwit who stands in the way of progress. Take the gas tax. Many smart people want to raise it. Even former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, a man of the right whose every utterance... Read More

Dial-Up Interstate

When it comes to internet connections we are quick to appreciate the importance of speed. Whether we're shopping, job hunting, or doing just about anything else, we recognize that our opportunities expand when broadband connections let us zip around this... Read More

Slender in Suburbia

Not enough people paying attention to your pet issue? Just compare it to terrorism. That's what our nation's surgeon general did recently. Dr. Richard Carmona warned that unless we do something about obesity "the magnitude of the dilemma will dwarf... Read More

Giving the Gift of Flexibility

Sure there are plenty of whip-cracking bosses, but most would probably rather be loved than feared. And during the holiday season, many employers dance a rather delicate dance: They want to be more Santa than Scrooge, but they can't help... Read More

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