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The Mismeasure of Managing Health Care

A touch odd, perhaps, to use the words of a man dead these 127 years to describe Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko". However, the temptation to use Disraeli's "Lies, damned lies and statistics" is simply unbearable so there it... Read More

Is This Really a Bright Idea?

Banning incandescent light bulbs seems to be all the rage these days, Australia's gone first, the European Union seems to want to do so and there are various state laws being mulled over at present (see the how many... Read More

The Morality of Rising Inequality

Is inequality rising in the US? Alan Reynolds thinks it isn't, at least not very much, and Paul Krugman thinks it is, a lot. That last point would normally have me insisting that inequality is decreasing given my views... Read More

Wait Wait, Don't Help Me

Now that the great upchuck against compassionate conservatism has put compassionate liberalism back in charge of both Houses of Congress we will have several attempts to introduce some form of health care reform. Bleeding heart classical liberals like myself... Read More

His Ideas Had Consequences

There's been myriad remembrances of, encomiums to and commentaries about the recently departed Milton Friedman and I don't intend to cover the same ground here. Rather, instead, to give you what it felt like to be young and English... Read More

Stern und Drang

The Stern Review is out and now that people have had a couple of days to digest the 600 or so pages of heavy verbiage and math, we're starting to see some commentary on how well it's been done.... Read More

Spinimum Wage

The blogger Max Sawicky has highlighted a letter being sent to economists. The letter asks them to sign and affirm the desirability of raising the minimum wage. Sad to see such an obviously bright gentleman pushing such profoundly silly economic... Read More

Climate Change and the Demographic Shift

A great deal of ink and electrons have been wasted in trying to explain what it is or is not that we should do to try and reduce emissions of CO2 in the United States. One fascinating paper just published... Read More

The Grand Tax Illusion

You will have seen, around and about, a lot being said about how the current recovery just isn't feeding through to the average man and woman out there. Wages don't seem to be rising; in fact, Paul Krugman recently made... Read More

Wal-Mart and Toddler Economics

Further to hackney a hackneyed word of the blogosphere, there seems to be something of a 'kerfluffle' over WalMart whirling through the commentariat -- a minor storm making the waves a little choppier than they normally are. Sebastian Mallaby in... Read More

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