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Does Europe Want Turkey or Not?

To anyone sitting at one of the little café tables perched on the quayside above Kyrenia's pretty harbor in northern Cyprus, the Turkish mainland just across a few miles of water, it must seem fanciful that this small island... Read More

Bosnia's Big Picture

Reuters is reporting that Richard Gere will start shooting his new movie in Sarajevo later this month. Flak Jacket, based on a true story, follows an American war correspondent's quest to uncover the hideout of Radovan Karadzic, the wartime leader... Read More

UNIFIL Unfulfilled

The UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) was established in 1978 "for the purpose of confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces, restoring international peace and security and assisting the Government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective authority... Read More

Give Peacekeepers a Chance? No

Day 19 of its offensive against Hezbollah has not brought the Israel Defense Forces much closer to the goal of removing the threat of Hezbollah's Iranian-supplied missiles. What it did bring, however, was a dreadful scene at the town of... Read More

Farewell to Sarajevo

After more than a decade in business, the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina (OHR) is planning to close shop in June 2007. The June 23 announcement by High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling met with Brussels' approval: the... Read More

Torn Between Two Lovers

Today, the European Union will start accession talks with Turkey, a key step in Ankara's bid for eventual membership. But what should have been a moment of joy in a relationship that has too often been marked by mutual suspicion... Read More

Balkan Growing Pains

Instead of graduating and setting off for a summer on the beach, European Union hopefuls Romania and Bulgaria have been sent to remedial classes by the European Commission. If they want to enter the EU by January 1, 2007, as... Read More

Another Nation-State?

The fashionable notion that the nation-state is dead makes it easy to forget that some places and people -- quite a few, in fact -- still aspire to achieve that quaint condition. The liberal internationalism prevailing (at least notionally) among... Read More

Crunch Time for Serbia

Ever since the fall of the Slobodan Milosevic regime in October 2000, Serbia's governments have been pleading with the West to show more patience and not to force the pace of its democratic transition, especially on the issue of war... Read More

From Germany With Love

Germans may soon no longer have to grab a copy of the New York Times if they want to know their country's contribution to the War on Terror and the War in Iraq. It was the Times which broke the... Read More

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