Articles by Todd Seavey

New Orleans in the Past Tense

New Orleans, cradle of several American music styles, cuisines, and fictional vampires, wasn't quite like the rest of the country. It often seemed as if it was part of something older, more a hybrid of France and the Caribbean than... Read More

Women, Lepers, and Jews!

Who needs science when you've got basic human intuition? To lots of people, that sounds about right. An employee of a popular organic restaurant recently told me she doesn't need to sort through lots of studies about whether man-made... Read More

The Road to Hellville

Like many people who have Oxford health insurance, I got a pamphlet in the mail recently that said: "Acupuncture. Massage Therapy. Yoga. When you hear these words, do you think about your health plan? Probably not. But you should." I... Read More

A Chemical (Over)Reaction

The wing of the environmental movement that is hostile to the use of synthetic chemicals will try out some new scare tactics this week. Instead of exaggerating risks associated with a single chemical - such as Alar, PCBs, or acrylamide... Read More

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