Articles by Tom W. Bell

White-Hat Terrorism

The terrorists threatening air travel rely on stealth, creativity, and individual initiative. They face security systems that operate in the open, by the book, and under bureaucratic control. That mismatch puts our safety at risk. The volunteer efforts of Nathaniel Read More

One-Click Treason

Accusations of treason fly when a nation goes to war. Sometimes, those claims stick. After World War II, the U.S. punished several of its citizens for having served as paid Axis propagandists. Recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. have triggered... Read More

Bomb Iraq! With Ballots

The United States may or may not have sufficient reason to force a change of regime in Iraq. Opinions vary widely on that issue. The case for invading Iraq would command deeper and wider support, however, if we had good... Read More

Copy Fighting

When we were kids, my brother and I quarreled at length about the color of the world. Our intractable dispute arose because my brother, David, favored blue, whereas I favored green. As proof that he had chosen the superior of... Read More

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