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Bureaucracy Kills Innovation

Today's main dangers to public health stem from taxies, duties, bureaucratic registration procedures and other impediments to free trade in pharmaceuticals, most notably violations of intellectual property rights. We have seen enormous progress in medicine during Read More

Poland's Great Right Hope

Some 15 years after the anti-communist revolution, Poles are turning to the right. This year is politically the most important in the new history of this young democracy. Polands future depends on the next coalition of parties in power. But... Read More

No to Info-Communism

Members of the European Parliament are about to decide on the future of the European Union. No, this doesn't have anything to do with a constitutional treaty. Rather, MEPs are going to vote for or against the EU directive... Read More

Some Assembly Required

Can the European Parliament be an effective force for change in the EU? TCS contributor Tomasz Teluk talks with former Polish Prime Minister and current MEP Jerzy Buzek about intellectual property, economic growth, and the future of European political economics.... Read More

Poland's Day After the Day After Tomorrow

WARSAW -- The European Union works very hard at exporting its impotence. Its bureaucrats have created the greatest central plan in human history: the post-Kyoto strategy. They want to decrease carbon-dioxide emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050. The... Read More

Losing Their Patients

Poland is the least satisfied Central European nation when it comes to healthcare services, according to a new survey from the Central European Opinion Research Group Research (CEORG) in Brussels. The January 2005 study shows that 60 percent of the... Read More

Europe's Misdiagnosis

When it comes to health care, it doesnt matter if theres a crisis or not in Europe. The European Union does not want to change. The state will remain the main actor.    Politicians say they need more money to... Read More

Bloated Government

The EU has identified the newest social epidemic: obesity. And, judging from how it intends to combat the problem, with among other things a rash of measures aimed at curbing advertising of "junk food", we are to assume that the... Read More

Intellectual Dumping

The European Union pushed by the French and the Germans, is moving toward becoming a tax cartel. Old Europe's bureaucrats want the elimination of tax competition and the creation of laws to exploit entrepreneurs. A cartel is an organization... Read More

Fortress Warsaw

The recent European Economic Summit in Warsaw was a meeting marked by paradoxes. The elite politicians and businessmen who attended remain convinced that the most effective way to regulate the economy is through central planning, protectionism and interventionism. Read More

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