Articles by Ugnius Trumpa

Robin Hoodwinked

When it comes to the EU budget, Europe's leaders need to figure out whether they want to play Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham. That was the dilemma recently invoked by European Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberg as he criticized... Read More

Europe's Free Market Nexus

The first European Resource Bank Meeting (ERBM), held in Bulgaria last year, gathered about a hundred free-market thinkers and advocates from across the EU, neighboring countries, and around the world. This year's conference will be organized by the Lithuanian Free Read More

The Year of Living Competitively

Editor's note: This is the first in a series of articles on how new EU member states are doing one year after accession. It is not easy to evaluate the impact of the first 12 months of the membership of... Read More

Thinking Outside the Tank

New European Union countries will soon celebrate a half-year of membership in the bloc. It's a good time to consider what has been the impact of EU membership on think tanks -- and on the economic and social changes... Read More

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