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Morality and the Underdog

When it's neither sad nor infuriating, it's at least amusing to see the UN and western media scramble to rationalize a moral defense of Hezbollah in the present Lebanese crisis -- and to mount ever more convoluted rationales for moral... Read More

Contentious Issues That Dissolve

As awareness of the war on terror recedes -- unfortunately -- into the background, social issues have once again started dominating our political landscape. Two issues in particular have captured the nation's attention over the past few weeks: gay marriage... Read More

Autumn of the Humanities

We have recently witnessed something of a debate on the "science gap" between American universities and the rest of the world. We did not witness, however, any debate on the state of humanities in American universities. This is not because... Read More

How to Get Condi to Power

The "Draft Condi" movement is picking up pace. A Condoleezza Rice 2008 candidacy appeals to an array of varied but complementary components in the Republican coalition -- and for good reason. But the "Condistas" have failed to realize the tremendous... Read More

Winning Iraq's Future Is Worth Losing in '06

Right after the 9-11 attacks, as the Bush administration was readying us for war in Afghanistan, the hard left remarked that the Taliban's al Qaeda haven was all America's fault anyway. Opposition to the Afghan war at that time was... Read More

Save the Slaves

Not many Americans know it, but December 2nd was International Abolition of Slavery Day. Not many know this either: the institution of slavery -- abolished 150 years ago in most of the Western world -- is still alive and well... Read More

American Interventionism Gets Results

It has been widely noted that the Jordanian terror attacks masterminded by al-Zarqawi signal a new low in al Qaeda's worldwide engagement. Again al Qaeda has been reduced to the killing of Muslims, in the name of Islam, and to... Read More

Is Intelligent Design a Bad Scientific Theory or a Non-Scientific Theory?

In an election in Pennsylvania this week, voters tossed out eight members of the Pittsburgh school board who wanted Intelligent Design theory to be taught alongside evolution in school. But should Intelligent Design -- the theory that living organisms... Read More

Academic Minor: Why Are Blacks Underrepresented in Academia?

We have recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Million Men March, in which some 800,000 black men marched in Washington's National Mall to raise awareness of the systemic maladies of black America. Although the current condition of black America... Read More

Between Jam and Jelly: Regulation as the Default State of Affairs

In her Booker Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things, the Indian writer Arundhati Roy amuses us with the following tidbit:         "They used to make pickles, squashes, jams, curry powders, and canned   &n Read More

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