Articles by Val MacQueen

A Bitter Dutch Treat

When the Dutch turned against Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Member of Parliament tipped to become prime minister of Holland one day, it was as surprising and fierce as a riptide. Threatened with assassination by the killer of Theo van... Read More

Jihad! The Musical!!

Billed as a "madcap gallop through the wacky world of international terrorism", Jihad! The Musical opened at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week, in the teeth of the usual pettish complaints from Islamic pressure groups, to rave reviews. While... Read More

God Save the Queen... From the Beeb

The clattering sound that was heard all round Britain at breakfast time last Wednesday was the sound of British jaws hitting breakfast tables, dressing tables and steering wheels as a commercial for a BBC program urged viewers to watch a... Read More

'Those Who Cure You Will Kill You'

Last week, Britain was on highest terror alert - Severe - after a Mercedes packed with gasoline and thousands of nails was found parked outside London's large Tiger Tiger nightclub late on a crowded Friday night. A suspicious person... Read More

'Queen Go to Hell'?

Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay to an upper middle class Muslim family and had a privileged private education at one of England's most renowned prep schools. After graduating from Cambridge University, he spent a couple of years in... Read More

The Straw That Broke the Multi-Culti Camel's Back

In the last few days in Britain, three events have caused what was already a small crack in the paper-thin edifice of "multiculturalism" in Britain to widen to a noticeable fissure. First, 14-year old British schoolgirl Codie Stott was arrested... Read More

Lords a-Leaping

"The £14 million in secret loans was known only to Mr. Blair, Lord Levy and Matt Carter, the general secretary of the Labour Party at the time" -- The Times, July 16 2006 Sometime before the end of the year,... Read More

'The Most Optimistic Country in the World'

In the mid-1980s, India's middle class comprised just 10 percent of the population. Today, it's larger than the entire population of the United States and is predicted to grow to 445 million by the end of this decade. For 70... Read More

The Eternal Refugee

Some 14 years ago an elegant, striking-looking young Somali woman deplaned at Germany's Düsseldorf airport. In her luggage was an onward ticket to Canada, where she would be met by the man, a distant relative, her father was sending her... Read More

From Refugees to Tycoons

Immediately after he pulled off his '72 coup against President Oboto in Uganda, strongman Idi Amin -- full title: His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of... Read More

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