Veronique de Rugy: September 2005 Archives

Cataloguing the Federal and State Response to Katrina

Many columns have been written on this site in the last few weeks about what the federal government should do in response to Katrina (see here and here for example). Unfortunately, given the nature of political responses to disaster, many... Read More

Hurricane Relief Spending: How Will We Pay For it?

President Bush just signed a bill authorizing an additional $51.8 billion to be spent in hurricane relief. This raises Katrina's cost to federal taxpayers to $62.3 billion so far. "The responsibility of caring for hundreds of thousands of citizens... Read More

Fools Rush In

While the tragic events are still unfolding in New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast, it is business as usual in Washington DC. Critics of President Bush are blaming him for requesting less money for programs to guard... Read More

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