Articles by Vijay Dandapani

Liberalization and the Indian Elections

Last week's election results in India caught virtually everyone unawares. Nearly as surprising was the dramatic drop of 11% in India's leading stock market index, the Bombay sensex. While the drama in the aftermath of the election continues with... Read More

The Consumer as Sovereign

Among the many heartening changes that caught my attention during a recent trip home was the apparent sovereignty of the consumer. That aspect was underlined and, indeed, blown-up in billboards in virtually every Indian metropolis. Not long ago, the... Read More

The Best Contraceptive

India's billion-strong population never fails to elicit a schizophrenic response from the ruling class. From an economic perspective, there is a general consensus that population growth is a negative factor. That perspective is turned on its head, however, when a.. Read More

A Tale of Turbulence

December 2003 marks the centenary of the first flight of the Kitty Hawk, when the Wright brothers demonstrated that an object heavier than air could fly. While this centennial is being celebrated around the world, in India, there appears... Read More

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