Articles by W. James Antle

What Is The Cost of Compassion?

File this under famous last words, somewhere next to Herbert Hoover's pre-Depression promise that prosperity was right around the corner: "The only hope to stop the spending is to elect George W. Bush." Congressman John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) made this fateful... Read More

Contract Killers

Can a gay-marriage ban affect people who are neither gay nor seeking to be married? This question has come up in Virginia, where such a ban recently sailed through the lower house of the state legislature and is one step... Read More

The Filibuster-Proof Majority?

In a year likely to be filled with political conflict, few clashes loom larger than those involving the composition of the federal judiciary. The battle lines are drawn: President Bush has already announced that he will resubmit judicial nominees... Read More

Trust Funds on Empty

Peter Peterson is not one to give up easily. He remains a resolute green-eyeshade Republican -- the kind that believes balanced budgets are beautiful and austerity is not a dirty word -- even though this particular form of fiscal... Read More

A Taxing Election

When planning a national convention, both political parties look back at their last several conventions in an effort to imitate past successes and avoid previous blunders. Even before the Democrats gathered in Boston, you could be sure that one... Read More

GOP = Goldwater's Old Party?

The political coalition that has comprised the American right for half a century is showing signs of breaking up as conservatives and libertarians go their separate ways. While conservatives seem to be making peace with government growth, libertarians are increasin Read More

Reality Economics

While the passage of a tax plan that at least temporarily ends the double-taxation of dividends is a victory of sorts, the final package could have been stronger and the uncertainty of changing dividends tax policy could have been eliminated.... Read More

Boston Free Party

The Libertarian Party is not exactly known for its electoral successes. Libertarian candidates lose most elections badly and those few that they do win tend to be for local offices. They have never held more than a handful of state... Read More

What Price Tax Cuts?

Supporters and opponents of President Bush's new tax cut proposal agree on one thing: It will cost over $600 billion. Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute and the supply-side Club for Growth referred to a $600 billion tax cut in... Read More

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