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Genes and Juice

Two major scandals in the run-up to this week's European athletics championships in Gothenburg , Sweden, have reignited the debate over doping in sports. American sprinter Justin Gatlin (holder of the men's world record in the 100 metre sprint) and... Read More

Pirates of the European II: The Empire Strikes Back

May 31st has become a landmark date in the history of the intellectual property debate. On that day police in Stockholm raided the server of The Pirate Bay, an infamous source of pirated films, music, computer games, software and media.... Read More

No Illusions

The Tobacco Free Initiative branch of the World Health Organization has organized the "No Tobacco Day" worldwide for today, May 31. The event has been held annually for the past 20 years to draw the public's attention to the preventable... Read More

Where the Bureaucrats Roam

Europe, which not so long ago de-regulated its telecommunications sector, is considering re-regulating it. Viviane Reding, the EU commissioner for information society and media, is looking at forcing mobile phone firms to stop charging travellers a higher price for Read More

Europe's MIT?

There are different ways of coping with global competition. Unfortunately Europe's favorite method is to centralize everything. So it was no surprise when the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso recently unveiled a plan (part of the vaunted Lisbon age Read More

Old School

European universities are consistently outranked by corresponding American institutions in academic ratings, with only venerable British schools like Oxford and Cambridge University barely entering US dominated charts. Every year the list of Nobel Prize laureates i Read More

Here Come the Bio-Vikings!

A new Swedish scientific expedition will invite accusations of biopiracy -- using and patenting genetic or biological resources without the consent of the country of origin -- from some environmentalists. But this group of would-be biovikings could prove as benefic Read More

Booze Without Borders

Dear President Barroso, You might have noticed in a recent issue of the Financial Times that Systembolaget (the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly) ran an advertisement imploring you to not break up their monopoly on the selling of alcohol. Now, there's... Read More

REACH Retreat

Few seem to grasp the consequences of the EU's proposed chemicals policy, also known as REACH, due to its sheer complexity and overwhelming ambition. But there are signs that EU officials and politicians have finally woken up to the fact... Read More

Who's Watching?

Data retention used to be about fighting organised crime, cybercrime, and tax evasion. But since the 9/11 attacks it become a focus of the War on Terror. Sweden, together with France, the UK and Ireland, submitted a far-reaching and costly... Read More

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