Articles by Will Wilkinson

Neuro Wine in Old Bottles

In the September 18 edition of The New Yorker magazine, writer John Cassidy leads a fascinatin­g tour through parts of the new field of neuroeconomics, the study of the neurological underpinnings of economic decision-making. Sadly, a number of the economists... Read More

Solidarity: More Than a Feeling

Solidarity is one of the watchwords of the political left. In French, solidaire means "interdependent." In Latin solidus means "solid" or "whole." Solidarity as an ideal imagines a society in which "we're all in it together," whole, one. This is,... Read More

Storms of Stupidity on the Op-Ed Pages

The tragedy and travesty of Katrina and New Orleans has three basic parts: (1) very, very bad weather hitting a perilously situated city; (2) government failure at the local, state, and federal level; (3) the poverty of New Orleans, ensuring... Read More

Insuring Against the Inevitable

Do you think Social Security gives you a raw deal? I do. Every two weeks my wages are docked by 12.4 percent -- not chump change. If the Social Security system doesn't collapse under the weight of smug complacency, I... Read More

The Anti-Market Protocols of the Councillor of Zion

Appearing as an eponymous "Councillor of Zion" in one of the Wachowski Brothers' botched sequels to The Matrix, Cornel West, a tirelessly self-promoting Princeton Professor of Religion, can be heard to exclaim: "Comprehension is not requisite for cooperation!" The Read More

Meritocracy: The Appalling Ideal?

Did you know that John Edwards is the son of mill worker? Did you? Edwards's toothy display of hopeful vacuities at the Democratic National Convention moved socialist economist Max Sawicky to lament yet "another paean to the self-made man."... Read More

Understanding Political Libertarianism

In his meandering July 20th essay, Edward Feser failed totally to demonstrate the "The Trouble with Libertarianism." It's hard to pin down the argument in Feser's convoluted dissertation. I count at least four loosely confederated claims: (1) 'Libertarianism' does Read More

Ideology Is Infrastructure

On the Tigris river in Northeast Iraq, American construction giant Bechtel busies itself repairing the span of the Tikrit bridge on the road to Kirkuk. Down south in Umm Qasr, Bechtel dredges the port, gateway to the Persian Gulf... Read More

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