Articles by William O'Keefe

General Rent Seeker

The CEO of GE recently committed the company to "define the cutting edge in cleaner power and environmental technology" through increased R&D spending. He also pledged significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 and doubling the revenue earned by cle Read More

The Kerry Protocol?

Russian ratification of the Kyoto Protocol has once again focused attention on the issue of climate change and President Bush's rejection of the Protocol. With the US election here, it is fair to ask how a Kerry Administration might... Read More

A Pseudo Event

The National Academy of Sciences has just released a review of the Bush administration's draft climate science program strategic plan. Some news accounts of the Academy's review - in particular a front page story in the New York Times -... Read More

European Enron?

What do the proposed European Commission directive for trading CO2 emissions credits and the current malaise affecting American corporate life have in common? The answer is that both have their roots in the "creative" application of financial instruments and both.. Read More

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