Articles by William Schneider

'Be prepared,' Defense Science Board Chairman Tells Nation

"The danger has not passed" of another terrorist assault, William Schneider, Jr. who head's the Defense Science Board of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, told Tech Central Station Host James K. Glassman. He says the nation needs... Read More

Missile Defense Test a Hit for Midcourse Intercept Technologies

Defense Central reviewed the impact of July 14's successful missile defense test over the Pacific Ocean with E-Ring Contributor William Schneider. Schneider, the chairman of DoD's Defense Science Board, says the positive test results represent a shift from a... Read More

Post-Cold War Era Demands Missile Defense

Defense Central E-Ring Contributor William Schneider says in an interview that it's time to get the U.S. and its allies past Cold War thinking. "Nations are no longer able to develop military forces that are optimized against a specific threat,"... Read More

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