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What Defines the Arctic? A Discussion of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

The Arctic and what is happening to it was a central concern at last week's United Nations' 10th annual Conference of the Parties (COP-10) on climate change in Buenos Aires. An overview of an intergovernmental report by the Arctic... Read More

Would Wind Farms Hurt Food Farms?

A new simulation finds serious and previously unrecognized environmental threats from massive wind farms in the American Great Plains. A recent study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research by scientists from Princeton and Duke Universities indicates mass Read More

Is the Hockey Stick Broken?

It's dubbed the hockey stick. It is a rather simple looking graph -- with a long, stable shaft and a fast rising blade -- that purports to represent averaged Northern Hemisphere temperatures over the last thousand years. More than... Read More

What is the Earth's 20th Century Temperature Trend?

The following important comments were made by Kary B. Mullis in his autobiography, "Dancing Naked in the Mind Field." "Science appeared in the seventeenth century. Robert Boyle, who was a Christian and a friend of the English monarch Charles... Read More

Greenland and Global Warming

Recent popular media coverage of climate change issues has presented a scary scenario in which human-induced global warming will give rise to a new ice age. Indeed, this is the scenario sketched out in the climate disaster movie "The... Read More

Winter Weather Wonder, Part II.

January 2004 was unusually cold for most of the Northern Hemisphere (see previous TCS CharTiFact). The cold prompted the UK's Independent to link the weather in a recent op/ed to increased carbon dioxide in the air saying, "Global warming... Read More

Winter Weather Wonder

With record-breaking cold-spells striking North America, Siberia, Turkey and even Bangladesh, one would think that the rhetoric on global warming would momentarily soften. On the contrary, during the same week when many of America's homeless and the poor struggled Read More

Facts Are in Fashion in Milan

World delegates are assembling at the city of Milan from December 1 through 12 for the ninth session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP-9) meeting. The official agenda of COP-9 ranges from the... Read More

"Kinds of Weather"

"I reverently believe that the Maker who made us all makes everything in New England but the weather. I don't know who makes that ... Old Probabilities has a mighty reputation for accurate prophecy, and thoroughly deserves it. You take... Read More

A Flood of Information

During the July 1997 flooding of the Oder River, tens of thousands were evacuated and about 100 died in Poland and the Czech Republic (Figure 1). In August 2002, severe flooding of the Elbe River in central Europe also took... Read More

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