Articles by Xavier Mera

The Real Abuse

"We ... will release licenses for the source code of Windows itself," declared Brad Smith, director of Microsoft's legal affairs, at the end of January. This was the computer giant's response to the threat of a new €2 million per... Read More

Danger! Consumer Protection Ahead!

Despite all their talk of "better" regulations, European Commission civil servants are certainly keeping themselves busy coming up with new ones. The latest project about to be adopted: lighter manufacturers will soon be obliged to equip their products with a... Read More

The REACH Trap

The EU's Council of Ministers has just rubber-stamped a landmark piece of legislation affecting chemical products. REACH, approved last month in the European Parliament, will have a considerable impact. Around 30,000 substances present in things we use every day, s Read More

Defining Dominance Down

This fall in New York, EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes took part in an international conference devoted to antitrust policy. In front of an audience of lawyers invited by the Fordham Corporate Law Institute, she tried to clarify the principles... Read More

Fear the Reapers

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have a notoriously bad reputation in France. In such a hostile environment, some people have not hesitated to destroy the few authorized fields of genetically modified plants in the name of the precautionary principle. This sum Read More

Plus Ça Change...

Legal problems have been mounting lately for computer-chip giant Intel. First it came under attack from the Japanese antitrust authority. Then its main competitor on the microprocessor market, AMD, announced at the end of June that it had filed a... Read More

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